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For foreign partners

Since the creation of Optimus Medica, the supply of diagnostic radiological equipment has been and remains our main focus. First of all, we are profiled in the offer of ultrasonic premium systems and expert class, X-ray complexes and mobile X-ray machines, as well as computer and magnetic resonance scanners.

Optimus Medica delivers professional medical equipment from leading manufacturers with further after-sales service all over Kazakhstan. We handle any needs of healthcare institutions in modern medical equipment and high-quality equipment.


One of our areas of activity is equipping medical institutions with medical equipment in the following areas: - Functional diagnostics - Endoscopy - Anesthesiology - Gynecology - Cardiology - Physiotherapy - Resuscitation

Optimus Medica LLP is a leading distributor of HITACHI LTD. in the Republic of Kazakhstan and offers equipment for high-precision diagnostics: - Ultrasonic equipment (HI VISION and Arietta product line); - Magnetic resonance imaging (open: 0.3T, 0.4T, 1.2T, closed: 1.5T); - Computer tomographs (16, 64 and 128 sections); - Components, consumables and service equipment HITACHI.

The team assembled today at Optimus Medica LLP has been successfully working in the medical equipment market in Kazakhstan for more than 10 years. We maintain long-term business relations with well-known companies, leaders in the global market for medical equipment manufacturers, whose products are well-deserved by professionals. Among our partners are the world's leading manufacturers of medical equipment, such as AGFA (Belgium-Germany), VILLA SM (Italy), Zorland (USA), Kurt & Kurt (Turkey) The company "Optimus Medica" offers its customers a wide selection of medical equipment of various classes: economy class, the most popular in the medical equipment market; the middle class, which is in demand in equipping private medical facilities; as well as expert class equipment manufactured in accordance with the latest scientific developments and advanced technologies. We have been working in the medical equipment sales market for a long time, having acquired over the years not only rich, invaluable experience, but also something much more valuable - the respect and trust of our customers, many of which become our regular customers.

What kind of company are we: Optimus Medica Company consists of experienced specialists who have been supplying and servicing medical equipment in the Republic of Kazakhstan for more than 10 years (previously they worked at Aktyubrentgen JSC, Medonika LLP, Kurt & Kurt LLP). Thanks to the unique experience and individual approach to each customer, we were able to implement many projects to equip a number of organizations with medical equipment. Legally, the company exists since 2013. The turnover in the group of companies over the past year amounted to about 900 million tenge.

What do we offer? We offer our customers the widest range of diagnostic medical devices and systems. It is in this direction that we have established ourselves as professionals. This includes - ultrasound diagnostic systems, magnetic resonance and computed tomographs, x-ray machines, as well as mobile mobile diagnostic systems.

Why do you need to work with us? Each medical equipment project is unique. Whether it is a replacement for a failed ultrasonic sensor or integrated equipment for a new building in a clinic or hospital. Thanks to an individual approach, we can offer many options for solving a particular problem: you always have the choice, the most complete information on all technical and service issues, the help of our clinical specialists, a lot of logical solutions and all this promptly and professionally.

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